Instructor: Natural Language Processing

Graduate course, Auburn University, 2021

I am teaching “Natural Language Processing” as a special topic CS/ Data Science course during Fall 2021 at Auburn University. I introduced this course at Auburn University. I have designed the course syllabus, assignments, exams and projects for this course can be found here.

Course Description: Natural language processing (NLP) has emerged as a very hot topic in the machine learning community. It is at the core of all interactive conversational systems like Siri, Alexa etc. This graduate level course will introduce students to the latest exciting research that is going on with NLP research community. Topics include Text generation, Text summarization, Machine translation, Question answering, Chatbots, Neural language models etc. Through this course, students will also get a glimpse of how to conduct fundamental research in the NLP area and how to communicate the research findings to the community appropriately. The students will also get familiar with the peer review process by actively reviewing project proposals and final reports of the fellow classmates.